EDDM Mailing

[floris_title_shortcode title_type=”type_2″ title=”Important Instructions” title_size=”24″ css=”.vc_custom_1534351559194{padding-bottom: 35px !important;}”][floris_accordion_shortcode list_type2=”true”][floris_accordion_content_shortcode title=”What Is Every Door Direct Mail?”]Every Door Direct Mail service is an easy, cost-effective way to reach potential customers near your business. Just create your mail pieces however you like, then select postal routes and pay for postage online. Next, bring your mailing to your local Post Office™ for delivery to every household on your chosen routes.[/floris_accordion_content_shortcode][floris_accordion_content_shortcode title=”FIND POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS”]Planning a marketing mailing? Our online mapping tool is designed to help you find the potential customers near your business who matter most.[/floris_accordion_content_shortcode][floris_accordion_content_shortcode title=”SELECT YOUR ROUTES ONLINE”]Using the tool, you can choose among postal routes based on demographics1, then we deliver to every address on your selected routes.[/floris_accordion_content_shortcode][floris_accordion_content_shortcode title=”**HOW TO ORDER**”]Here are the steps to order your EDDM Mailing.  Once you click on “Select your routes” it will take you to the order screen.

  • Product Category = Every Door Direct Mail
  • EDDM Service Option = FULL Service (Print only is for print only of the postcards.  This will not allow you to select your routes.)
  • In Mailbox Estimate = Select the date you would like to have them mailed.
  • Type = Postcards
  • Size = 6.5×9 (If you would like a different size card that would require some redesign.  The card that we currently have is 6.5×9
  • Paper Type = 16PT C2S (14PT C2S is a little thinner if you prefer that.)
  • Coating Type = UV (Shiney) OR Matte whichever you prefer
  • Color = 4/4     (4/0   is single sided so select 4/4)
  • Click on “Select Routes”
  • Enter the Zip Code for your mailing.
  • You will be required to register on the top left corner.
  • you will see all the routes highlighted and you can select the routes you would like your mailing to be mailed to.
  • Once you have selected your routes click on “Add to Cart”
  • Artwork Options = “I will upload files later for this project” (We will take care of the files for you. We will send you a proof to make sure all the information is correct.
  • Create a Job Name
  • Check Out

[/floris_accordion_content_shortcode][floris_accordion_content_shortcode title=”Postcard Artwork”]We currently have a 9×6.5 postcard on file that meet the requirements for an EDDM mailing. Click Here to view the card. If you choose to use a different size we will adjust the card to the size you select.  We will send proofs of the card before it is submitted to be mailed for your approval. Be sure to select “I will upload my files later” when checking out. We will take care of the artwork for you.[/floris_accordion_content_shortcode][/floris_accordion_shortcode]